Igutaruaq looking up at Kiviok

Igataruaq looking up at Kiviok – from a legend story, Kiviok: Kiviok is a traveller when he saw igloos up in the hill. When he got there the igloo didn’t have a roof. There was a lady sharpening her big ulu. and he spits down the igloo and she tries not to look up. Second time kiviok spits Igutaruaq says to herself “my igloo never drips all day I wonder why its dripping” she tries to look up but her eye lids were numbed, so she cuts her eye lids off and Kiviok faints. He notice when he wakes up naked, in bed with no clothings, when he looked towards the porch he see’s people with no body, but a head, and one person says “you might end up like me get dressed and start running” Igutaruaq is a powerful lady and she can cut the body and eat it.

Materials: Serpentine, antler
Dimensions: 9x8x4

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