NHS Mandate

  • The ProjectThe Nattilik Heritage Society has a mandate to preserve and promote the culture and heritage of Nattilingmiut. It is also to lead initiatives which generate social, cultural and economic benefit in the community. The Society owns and operates the Nattilik (Netsilik) Heritage Centre, opening in Gjoa Haven during 2013, which presents an account of the Nattilik people through stories, images, local Inuit arts and craft. The heritage centre will play an important role in strengthening culture and language at the community level and provide visitors with a better understanding of the unique world of the Nattilik people.

A key initiative of NHS in achieving its objectives is encouragement of growth in the arts sector in Gjoa Haven. Inuit art is a rich expression of culture and provides obvious economic benefits to artisans. Ullulaq Inuit Arts is the trade name by which Nattilik Heritage Society will run a non-profit Inuit arst retail/wholesale operation. Its fundamental philosophy is that a greater return from art-work created in the community should stay in the community. The arts initiative aims to narrow the gap between the artisan and the consumer. 100% of the revenue generated from Ullulaq Inuit Arts will return to the community – net proceeds from sales will be shared with artisans and with infrastructure in place to support and promote the local arts sector.
In its vision for the perpetuation of the Nattilik art form, the Society will organize mentorship programs in sewing, applique, carving and other Inuit crafts. Creating a learning environment for Inuit arts will encourage preservation of traditional skills and cultivation of inherent artistic talent in younger generations. This is key to ensure a successful future for the Nattilik art form and will leave a legacy of strenghened culture and sustainable livelihoods.